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We are proudly presenting a new series of articles about Woodwork for Inventor users who are doing an amazing job creating various furniture designs. We want to celebrate creativity and show the art works of talented designers.

First in the series is our client from colorful Vietnam – ARDA Co. Ltd. We’ve been working together for almost a year and loved every minute of it.

ARDA, with their signature brand Encore IHF, was founded by two furniture market aficionados – Stelvio Guglielmi and David Pemberton. In 2008 having previously been partners in a multinational fine-furniture manufacturer, they decided that it was time to start their own state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Vietnam.

ARDA creates exquisite modern furniture informed by a wealth of knowledge and past experience, but whose design is contemporary and innovative. Whilst nicely coordinating with today’s high-end interiors, ARDA’s offerings are destined to be tomorrow’s heirlooms.

The success of the company is due to the talented team, with their unique blend of expertise in design, knowledge of European style and workmanship, management of Asian manufacturing and using high-end technologies and materials. The main goal of the creators is to offer the highest quality home furnishings, with craftsmanship and skill visible throughout each piece.

ARDA markets its brand Encore IHF predominantly in the USA and China, but since late 2010 their designs are available all over the world. With the benefits of operating in Vietnam combined with constant drives for efficiency, they also make a significant amount of product for others. If you want to find out more, contact David at .

If you are a visitor of furniture shows, there’s a high chance that you can run into these unique products.

Now take a look at their unique designs:

Antique style


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Antique style mirror designed by Encore Ihf.



Modern style

Table transformer

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Woodwork for Inventor team

Woodwork for Inventor

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