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Do you know how many companies in the world survive past their first year? About 20%. And only half of those reach 5 years barrier. In order to reach a decade you have to jump into a train of lucky 1/3 of those who lasted 5 years. Kind of scary. But not for Italian company i 4 Mariani which this year is celebrating its’ 60 years of success.

Maybe their lucky charm is written in their family name. i 4 Mariani was established in 1957 by four brothers – Biagio, Tarcisio, Umberto and Emilio, and the company wheel belongs to family members until today. Of course, even a big family would hardly cover all company fields, therefore international designers take an important place in the company as well.

Since the foundation of the firm, i 4 Mariani has always offered furnishings of contemporary taste never being fashion-victims. The production is focused on two main families: products for the home and products for the office. The main goal of these items is to bring comfort and elegance embodied by the finest materials and handcrafted details, which allows to stand out in the market.

Product quality is another key element in i 4 Mariani. In order to ensure that the client will receive only the highest quality items, the company manufactures its products from scratch. All phases from frame to finished product is produced in between i 4 Mariani walls. Constant quality maintenance allows us to create a long-lasting article and keep customers happy.

In addition to talented designers, i 4 Mariani invoke technologies. Their production facility complex cover over 22k square meters. There you can find powerful machining tools and newest design technologies. This impressive background allows making products unmistakable in their essential design, durability, and quality of working and finishes.
Please take a look at their creations:

Woodwork for Inventor team

Woodwork for Inventor

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