Small spaces design. How to make it work?

In my personal opinion first and most important purpose of the home is to provide comfort, coziness and relaxing environment. How different people understand those things concepts should be considered as the main inspiration for an interior. Sometimes by following trends and design rules we forget to tend the most important aspect – who will be living in the space. On the other hand, only following clients‘ requirements and/or „your heart“ if you are redesigning on your own, might lead to quite a catastrophic result. Therefore it‘s important not to lose your head and think through what should be the final results. Especially when you have a small space to work with and considering how many „do‘s and don‘t‘s“ are flaring around small spaces interior design.

Let‘s bust some myths!

Dark colors and patterns are a big NO for small spaces.


Contrasting surfaces can not only make your room look bigger by giving a feel of depth but also make it more intimate and cozy. With warm lighting, it can become the favorite spot at home.

Patterns are usually overlooked when decorating small spaces, but it shouldn‘t be. I agree that large ornaments on all walls of the rooms are the way to overwhelming. But a small tasteful pattern can even distract from how small space actually is.

Small and multifunctional furniture only


 Yes, your sofa can‘t be larger than a room you need it to fit, but not all furniture must be as small as possible in small spaces. Decide what is essential for the room and choose which item should be small-scale and which full-size. For example, if the side table can be quite small not to take up to much space, the sitting area should be large enough to feel comfy.

The less the better


Going minimal and super-tidy can really help the small rooms look bigger and.. empty. A photo frame here and there, some beloved books and decorations from vacation time can not only make a space look cozier but give a character and personality for the room. For this purpose, it‘s always great to use corners, which otherwise would be empty. NOTE! Don‘t go over the edge by cluttering the space with many lovely items and keep it tidy.

Good ideas for small spaces


There‘s never enough space for all things to place…


Usually, it‘s never enough space for all books, clothes and other stuff (not mentioning the dust cleaner and other bigger gadgets). In small spaces, an investment into custom built-in storage should be highly considered. These type of furniture might be more costly than mass production freestanding wardrobes, but it‘s way wiser choice in small spaces.

Think through a movement in the space


Where you‘ll be placing your keys when you‘ll get home? Where you‘ll hang your coats? What about space for the post? Think about the everyday routine and make it as comfortable as possible. Keyholder by the door, trash bin near the workspace, small bench by the shoe rack might be small stuff, but they make your everyday life easier.

Step by step


Rome wasn’t built in one day, so your home doesn‘t have to be either. Taking time to furnish the rooms might be very beneficial. Start with essential items, live with it and little by little add other pieces. This way you‘ll avoid unnecessary expenses on things that you don‘t need. Move stuff around to find the best fit and find the perfect harmony for you.


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