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Position. UAB „Čeli APS“ – CEO. Past. More than 20 years experience in computer engineering and building automation solutions.

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Nesting Cutting Optimization in Woodwork for Inventor

From the beginning, our main engines and direction locators for the Woodwork for Inventor development were our own experience with our customers and our own instinctive feeling, ideas. Later, as the consumer base grew, an increasing share of development directions was dictated by consumers themselves.
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Influence of design chain on company competitiveness

The COVID-19 virus has severely disrupted the established world order, and major countermeasures have extremely disrupted the economy. Starting with the aviation, tourism sectors, the influence has extended to the restaurant and hotel business. Undoubtedly, this wave, as it spreads further, will reach (or have already reached) the furniture manufacturing sector as well.
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Woodwork for Inventor V9

Another year has passed, and here’s the launch of a new version of Woodwork for Inventor. Since the beginning, we have been praising that we have ideas for the next 5 years and speculated that after that we might take a rest. But reality turned out to be completely different – today’s backlogs is exploding
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Building furniture model in 3D layout. Challenge no. 3

  In the last part, we discussed what design methods is best for furniture design in spaces given by interior planner. In this section, we will talk about changes in the plan and how to handle it in the structure of the furniture. It often happens that after the coordination and during the execution of
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Building furniture model in 3D layout. Challenge no. 2

  In the previous part, we have discussed the difference between mass production furniture design and bespoke furniture design. We defined what challenges a constructor face and discussed the problems of importing premises layout in his CAD system. In this section, we will discuss how to design furniture based on premises layout or model provided by
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Building furniture model in 3D layout. Challenge no. 1

  Furniture design can be categorized by many criteria – furniture type, materials, tools used for manufacturing, etc. In this article, we’ll look at the challenges faced by companies that deal with projects or bespoke production.   In serial production, the context is not something that must be considered. When designing a table for mass
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CAD+CAM vs Integrated system transfer of geometry

  Today, furniture manufacturers often use a combination of two software tools for furniture design and CNC preparation. CAD+CAM: products from different manufacturers are used. For example, AutoCAD and MasterCAD or Autodesk Inventor and Alphacam, etc. Integrated systems: an integrated solution from the same manufacturer which include both CAD and CAM. For example, IMOS, Cabinet
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Criteria for the selection of furniture design software

When choosing furniture design software, furniture manufacturing companies typically consider several alternatives. Unfortunately, the decision to choose one over another software system is often based on price and what program the company’s construction designers already know how to use. These two aspects are undoubtedly important, however, giving no thought to other criteria means that the
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