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Building furniture model in 3D layout. Challenge no. 3


In the last part, we discussed what design methods is best for furniture design in spaces given by interior planner.

In this section, we will talk about changes in the plan and how to handle it in the structure of the furniture.

It often happens that after the coordination and during the execution of the order, it turns out that something has changed in the premises – the use of the premises, the door has been moved, the engineering networks that weren‘t foreseen at the beginning was installed, etc. In this case, the constructor has to adjust a layout model and modify the structure of the furniture accordingly.


Management of change in design


In the “Bottom-up” way designed furniture, such structural changes require structural adjustment/correction – part after part, checking that it conforms to the changed context and the restart of the entire reconfiguration.


When designed with “Top-Down” method, the furniture is tied to the volume that invokes the furniture space. After changing the volume settings, the structure automatically changes to the lowest level of a part. Moreover – the structure of the furniture can be tied to the model of the room. If there is no requirement to change the function of the furniture or topology, and only to adapt it to the changed room, then this change occurs automatically, simply by changing the premises parameters.


Commercial island


Above is a visualization of the commercial booth designed „Top-Down“ way. When we finished designing and preparing for the island’s production, the supermarket required the island to be lowered by a few centimeters. About 2500 parts! If it would have been designed the “Bottom-Up” way to change of the part after part would have taken 2-3 working days of the constructor. Meanwhile, the Top-Down designed island was adjusted in 5 minutes. An additional half an hour for checking, documentation and the generation of CNC programs, and the contractor has released a new island for production.


That is why it‘s very important to choose the right design way from the beginning.

Another very important question – furniture model connection with the layout which will be discussed in next article.


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