SauliusDr. Saulius Dereškevičius

Position. UAB „Čeli APS“ – Woodwork for Inventor software architect. Past. More than 20 years experience in Mechanical CAD solutions engineering and providing. Life moto. Listen, be flexible, but don't lose your way.

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Woodwork for Inventor integration with ERP

ERP integration with information generated by Woodwork for Inventor Brief information on the topic. We receive many questions from our representatives and users about ways to integrate information generated by Woodwork for Inventor with the ERP system available in the company.
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Furniture design

Work with materials and colors Any design is closely related to the selection of materials and their application in the construction. Furniture design is no exception. However, unlike machinery, where the correct selection of material has a significant influence on the functional, cost-performance characteristics of the machine being developed, furniture design more closely relates to
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The design process automation and CAD flexibility dilemma

  The discussion provided below first and foremost focuses on a furniture design process. When selecting a CAD system, comparisons are first made between the features offered by them. Features define “what the system does” and, based on the presence or absence of those features, we can make comparisons between the systems and test their
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