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Interior design trends 2018

Let’s talk about interior design trends in 2018. There are quite a few changes comparing to last year.

What’s in: Warm colours, natural stone, cacti, curved shaped furniture, wicker, cordless lamps, black kitchens, portable lighting

What’s out: Florals, damask, polished glossy stone, white kitchens and bathrooms, copper and rose gold finishes, minimalism, shiny high-gloss finishes

What’s next: Suede, more designers collaborating with mass-produced furniture brands, Asian-inspired design, red accents


Although concrete is still a thing this year, now it is mixed with warm colors. Especially trendy this year will be terracotta, tan and watermelon red. You should see more of brave color solutions on the walls and various furniture. Accents here and there will bring to live the whole interior. 


Interesting shapes of furniture will be in spotlight this year. It will be all about comfort – low, puffy, curved and plump shapes. 


Say goodbye to all-white kitchen. This year black is new white. Sophisticated and chick designs of black kitchens with plants mixed here and there will be praised. Also the good old thick countertops will be replaced with as thin as possible tops or even shark-nose tops which appears as floating over the cabinets. The trend of concealing storage and tableware was reversed this season, with plenty of freestanding cabinets with glass doors and open shelf racks for showing off crockery.


Expect to see more colors in this home area as well. And not only on wall or floor tiles, but also toilets, basins and etc. Soft plum, dusty blue, dark green, brown can be noticed. These colors allows to blend in better in darker bathrooms than stark white ones and creates this mysterious and cozy mood.

Dark wood

Dark wood will dominate this year. Floor, furniture, ceiling – it can be anything. Especially popular this year will be designs made of variuos dark wood planks. A little bit rustic but also sophisticated at the same time. 

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