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Today we will present you a story and amazing designs of our clients from Serbia – company called Entero. This company has a very deep tradition and culture. One of the values they believe in is that “The quality of our crafts and work today needs to be bigger and better than the quality of our service yesterday.” It shows how they are trying to improve on everyday basis and it’s very impressive.

The story of Entero starts from a small carpentry work shop back in 1975. From the beginning the founder – Obrad Kovačević, which by the way was the name of the company at the time as well – implemented a foundations of quality from day 1. It was the core element of whole companies work traditions then and in the future.

In 1990 company expanded to Montenegro and Macedonia markets. The main activity at the time was the production of final wooden products and panels, delivered to the purchaser or mounted in private or business premises. It allowed “Obrad Kovačević” to experience gradual and constant growth.

The growth continued for another decade and in 2000 the company could have proudly called themselves one of the best carpenters in Serbia, capable to satisfy even the highest demands.

A year later “Obrad Kovačević” was renamed into ”Interiors Obrad Kovačević” and was called by this name until 2006, when was changed to current name “Entero”.

A few years ago company decided that it’s time to test another waters and stepped into Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France and market of Central Asia – Tajikistan.

This is very impressive growth, but extensive production lines, most contemporary woodworking equipment and technology that company own today are just a part of ENTERO story. As the most valuable asset they consider a human. They are devoted to the development of teamwork, with permanent accent on high responsibility, considerably investing in expert education and motivation.


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Woodwork for Inventor

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