Amazing furniture design. Sarkop Ltd.


Sarkop Ltd. is one of the companies that we had a lot of direct contact with and these guys are serious.

Sarkop Ltd. is one of the largest and most prestigious contract furniture manufacturers in Estonia.


The company specializes in supplying integrated interior furnishings. Mostly they are working with public spaces, such as hotels, banks, restaurants, offices, schools, shops, museums, and even ships. These projects are very custom and demanding, therefore it requires very close contact with customers.

Sarkop is proud of its highly-skilled engineers who can be trusted to deliver the most difficult orders on time and spot on specifications.

Moreover, Sarkop has introduced a quality management system, which includes an environmental management system. Thanks to this, environmental effects on the surrounding can be monitored and kept under control. Taking care of the environment is every company and person responsibility and Sarkop is doing a great job using resources in the most efficient way possible.


Take a peek at a pinch of their delivered projects:


Amazing hotel room design

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Woodwork for Inventor team

Woodwork for Inventor

Design furniture of any complexity level and from any material

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