Designed using Woodwork for Inventor software

Woodwork for Inventor projects

Woodwork for Inventor is a software, which provide an amazing flexibility possibilities, therefore it’s so convenient to use. Choose any kind of material: wood, glass, metal, plastic, etc. and design all complexity levels furniture. There’s nothing invincible for Woodwork. Moreover, our software will save up to 70% of your time, wasted on boring preparation of information for manufacturing. Why? Because all routine tasks automated. Now you can focus on design process itself and put your efforts into creative part of the job. To good to be true? Check out these projects, which was made by various furniture manufacturing companies, with our add on.

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What’s new in v7

Woodwork for Inventor team is very glad to announce that the new 7th version of the software is already available. Watch this video and get acquainted with new features like automatic CAM technologies, integration with Autodesk Vault Professional, extended Skeleton DressUp functionality, Drawings refresh etc.

What's new in 7th version

What’s new in the 7th version?

Woodwork for Inventor team is very glad to announce that the new 7th version of the software will be launched on the 19th of April. We have been developing it for the last 9 month. And now you can get acquainted with new features of the upcoming 7th version, which will be available for the Autodesk Inventor 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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