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Woodwork for Inventor has been on the market for around 8 years. Nevertheless, we still receive questions about our licensing policy. So we decided to put together a guide which would help to understand all your options.

Product types

First of all, you need to know that there are two types of Woodwork for Inventor.

Woodwork for Inventor. Basic product type, that includes all functionalities except CNC programs generator. It has a BOM generator, Drawings, Hardware Attachment, Material Assignment, iBox, etc.

Woodwork for Inventor with CAM. It includes all features that basic type has, plus CAM module, which allows generating CNC programs. Woodwork for Inventor has post-processors for Hops (.hop), BiesseWorks (.cix, .bpp), AlphaCAM (.dxf), CNI Informatica (.cni), AutoCAD (.dxf), TpaCAD (.tcn), EdiCAD (.tcn), IMAwop (.fmc), MasterWood (.tlf), WoodWOP (.mpr), Xilog (.xxl, .pgm), TwinCAM (.dxf), G-code 2D (.nc, .cnc, .ncd).

More about Woodwork for Inventor features HERE.

Licensing model

Both Woodwork for Inventor and Woodwork for Inventor with CAM licensing model is a Permanent license plus Maintenance plan. Many users find this licensing model convenient because it is a one-time investment into the license itself and a small cost for the Maintenance plan every year. And even if you discontinue Maintenance plan payments, you get to use the last version of the software, that was available during Maintenance plan validation time. 

Why should you purchase a Maintenance plan in the first place? There are two main reasons:

  1. New version every year. All holders of a Maintenance plan receive a new version of Woodwork for Inventor every year.
  2. Home user license. Additional license for your laptop, home computer or whatever another device.

We do not offer subscriptions.

License types

All Woodwork for Inventor licenses is Single-user. At the moment we do not offer a Multi-user option.


This is what users usually start with. Free 45 days trial can be downloaded from our webpage. There’s a form that you need to fill, but no credit card registrations or annoying SPAM. If you’ll be so kind and tick the “I’d like to receive a newsletter with the latest information about Woodwork for Inventor updates, new version, etc.” box, we will occasionally inform you about what’s going on, but that’s it.  Promise.

Trials licenses are Woodwork for Inventor with CAM and without any restrictions. So you’ll get the full experience with it. Sometimes it happens that the user downloads the trial and does not have enough time to check it out and evaluate. If that sounds familiar – contact us and we’ll discuss an option to extend the trial for a few weeks. 

Commercial license

The most common license type. For everyone who wants to purchase our product. It can be acquired from our partners if there is one in your country, or directly from us if there isn’t. The full list of partners can be found HERE

Educational license

At the moment these licenses are available for Educational Institutions only. It can be purchased from our partners or us, as well.

Woodwork for Inventor prices

Why we do not publish Woodwork for Inventor prices? We know it is annoying when you have to contact someone to know the price of the software. But the reason for that is quite simple. Woodwork for Inventor pricing depends on the geographical location of the customer and is divided into three pricing zones. There are two types of products with maintenance plans. Add volume or other discounts, partner network, training and you’ll see it’s basically impossible to name what would be your price. Therefore, we ask to get in touch with our resellers or us in order to get the information that you need.

We hope this guide was helpful and if you still have questions, email us to:



Woodwork for Inventor

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