Our prognoses for Inventor 2020

For the first time in Woodwork for Inventor history, we are unable to launch our new version of our software compatible with the newest Autodesk Inventor version.

The cause of it is a bug in Autodesk Inventor API of function responsible for appearance management. Therefore with the current release, we can‘t realize Woodwork for Inventor functionality related to material texture management. This bug makes using Woodwork for Inventor basically impossible.

After a long discussion about what should we do, we decided that postponing the new version launch is not an option. First of all, because we have obligations to our users. Woodwork for Inventor V10 will be fully functioning of Inventor 2018 and Inventor 2019, so although the situation isn’t perfect, the solution can be used to its full capacity. Secondly, Autodesk informed us that this bug is already fixed and Beta should be released within a month. But since we can be sure about the exact date of update – it’s not an option to keep you waiting.

Hopefully, this explains the situation and it won‘t make a big impact on your daily work-life. 

Fingers crossed the update will be available very soon and we’ll keep you posted.


Woodwork for Inventor

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