Woodwork for Inventor in Brazil

First Woodwork for Inventor step in South America

Great news for all woodworkers in Brazil!

Finally we have we have established a partnership Mr. Neimar Chiapetti, who did great job presenting Woodwork for Inventor to Brazilian market. As a result, just a few weeks ago we were able to sign a contract with a SENAI – National Industrial Learning System. SENAI is part of the CNI – National Confederation of Industry, which is one of the main entities linked to the industrial development of the country. Therefore, this partnership is very important to us and we are very enthusiastic about it. Moreover, Brazil is a first Woodwork for Inventor step in South America and we are very proud about that.

Webpage and webinar in Portuguese

There is a good news for those, who speak Portuguese too. With a help of our partner, we have translated our webpage. Now it is available in 9 languages.

Last but not least – a few weeks ago a webinar of Woodwork for Inventor was held in Portuguese, by Mr. Welinton. If you’d like to see a record of it – you can find it righ HERE. We promise that there will be more webinars in the future and if you’d like to know the exact date of it, please subscribe our blog.

Here’s some pictures from the event..

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Woodwork for Inventor

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