Assembly Copier

Software for ‎automatic copying and renaming of assemblies

Woodwork for Inventor‬ team is glad to announce that one of our software functionalities (automatic copying and renaming of assemblies) from now on is available as a separate software. ‪Assembly Copier is available for all Autodesk Inventor users of any specialization.

Assembly Copier allows to make an independent copy of any existing model. Thereby the designer is able to quickly design similar model of the same concept having different configurations and dimensions.

The copying process allows you to rename files and retain links between components in the way they are arranged in the prototype model. The designer then simply needs to change certain model parameters and create a new specification. All related model drawings will be copied and reflect the copied furniture, as well.



During copying, it is simple to transfer the values of the tabular fields (iProperties) of all assembly components from one field to another. Thanks to this feature, the designer doesn’t have to worry about the code of the component creation. It’s simply enough to assign functional names to the components: side, bottom, top. Later designer can transfer these values to a name field. Single operation allows to assign a hierarchical code value to the code field and the file name. This greatly facilities navigation within a specification and at the same time in the entire issued documentation.

Hierarchical encoding is one more feature, which makes Assembly Copier copying different from an analogues in Autodesk Inventor products. This function allows you to recode the item’s components in a specific way, – based on the code of the part. This way it’s easy to identify, what product the part belongs to and what assembly level it’s at.

Download Assembly Copier trial from our webpage. Also check out “How to?” and find local reseller.

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