Autodesk Inventor for Woodworkers

We talk about company Čeli APS, which is Autodesk developer network member (ADN) and Value added reseller (VAR) in Lithuania for 15 years. It also has strong business relationship with more than 20 business partners abroad.

Solution for woodwork industry

Lithuania is known as strong market of manufactures, where furniture production industry is prevailing. Company Čeli APS has been working in woodwork CAD area for more than 12 years. There is always strong demand for newest CAD solutions from manufactures, because everybody faces huge competition and looks for increase of productivity in a daily activity. As a long continued practice showed, various standard and very often even specialized CAD software can not satisfy needs of woodworkers.

There are a lot of software for woodworkers in the market, but most of them are either cheap and narrow specification programs for standard wood products (like cabinets, closet, bathroom furniture etc.) or very expensive and complex programs, which usually cannot be acquired by woodwork business, because of one time huge expenditures for investments and for reason, that most woodwork companies produce non-standard goods and solutions of narrow specifications CAD programs are not enough.

In 2008 Čeli APS team created an extension (Woodwork for Inventor) for Autodesk Inventor. Everybody knows, that Inventor is a perfect and one of the leading 3D parametrical CAD systems in the world, but it is not suitable for woodwork industry. Woodwork for Inventor eliminates this gap and makes Autodesk Inventor powerful tool for woodwork professionals. Experience, permanent work with furniture manufactures and deep knowledge of CAD systems enabled team of Čeli APS to create this tool.


International product

Woodwork for Inventor is not a local product any more. In 2012 this extension was presented for the international marker. Next to Lithuania market, USA and Canadian woodworkers also value capabilities of this extension, which is being sold successfully in these markets for two years. Already 55 companies of the North America use this software and demand for it continues rising. Woodwork for Inventor is well known for Autodesk Value added resellers all over the world (United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Germany, Turkey, France etc.) where Čeli APS team is working hard in order to satisfy increasing demand of its extension.

Woodwork for Inventor

Design furniture of any complexity level and from any material

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