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Woodwork for Inventor V8 launch. What’s new?

Woodwork for Inventor – how it started

The day of Woodwork for Inventor V8 launch finally came. It‘s the eighth version of our product, which was started as additional Autodesk Inventor functionality. This functionality was a request of one of our clients and meant to be one-company-solution. Later we noticed, that this solution can be valuable to other companies in furniture design business as well. Therefore we started developing a solution, which today we call Woodwork for Inventor. We worked with clients from different markets, this way improving the system and developing a new features. As a result todays‘ Woodwork for Inventor differs from what it used to be 10 years ago like smartphone from first Nokia phone.

Woodwork for Inventor is a „young“ system comparing to other solutions in the market. Nevertheless, we managed to gather an experienced team who developed quite a few software before. We‘ve been working together for almost 20 years and put all our CAD experience and knowledge in Woodwork.

We kicked off later than other systems in the market, so we base our solution on newer, more modern design technologies. Since the beginning we aimed to exploit Autodesk Inventor features at maximum, not limiting its’ capabilities. Thanks to this strategic goal, today we have one of the most flexible furniture design software. It allows to design furniture of any complexity and adapt to fast changing conditions.

Woodwork for Inventor is still quite fresh, but mature system. Nevertheless, our ideas isn‘t running out, au contraire there are more and more of it. New technologies in the market and users feedback generate new development tasks and we have lots of upfront plans of what should be improved and developed in future versions.

What’s new this year

Every year we launch a new version with new features and improvements. This year is not an exception. Together with current functions improvements, this version will include two from scratch made features – iBox and Nesting.

Nesting was started as our USA partner Mr. Steven Widom request. Big part of his customers use nesting machines in their manufacturing chain and he wanted to make sure Woodwork will be accessible for them. Therefore, we adapted Woodwork for Inventor for these users.

iBox idea was born differently. This functionality appeared after we recognized that market requires a functionality, which Autodesk Inventor can‘t fully offer. What we are talking about is iCopy. This functionality, however great it is, isn‘t adapted for furniture design. Therefore we created our own more powerful and fitted for furniture design substitute of iCopy – iBox. We believe, that this functionality will accelerate design process a lot.

During the years our users and partner base grew to a solid unit. We established a mutually beneficial cooperation  – they help us improve our software and in return get a better solution.

The circle of users and partners constantly grow and it oblige us to improve continuously.

Every opinion counts for us, therefore we proudly encourage you to try out our new creation – Woodwork for Inventor V8 and give us your feedback.

The day of Woodwork for Inventor V8 launch finally came. And we are going back to the beginning – new version development starts.

Woodwork for Inventor

Design furniture of any complexity level and from any material

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