Amazing furniture design. i 4 Mariani Ltd.

Do you know how many companies in the world survive past their first year? About 20%. And only half of those reach 5 years barrier. In order to reach a decade you have to jump into a train of lucky 1/3 of those who lasted 5 years. Kind of scary. But not for Italian company i 4 Mariani which this year is celebrating its’ 60 years of success. Continue reading…

Amazing furniture design. Entero Ltd.


Today we will present you a story and amazing designs of our clients from Serbia – company called Entero. This company has a very deep tradition and culture. One of the values they believe in is that “The quality of our crafts and work today needs to be bigger and better than the quality of our service yesterday.” It shows how they are trying to improve on everyday basis and it’s very impressive. Continue reading…

Amazing furniture design. Chairconcept Ltd.

Chairconcept – Polish furniture design fashionista


“…we love furniture, we love good style and we love what we do” – this is how Chairconcept describe themselves. And you can tell that they are speaking the truth. Just look at the designs they are creating. Models match with the interior perfectly. Doesn’t matter if it’s hotel, apartment or department store – all pieces has a perfect place in the surrounding.

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Amazing furniture design. ARDA Co. Ltd


We are proudly presenting a new series of articles about Woodwork for Inventor users who are doing an amazing job creating various furniture designs. We want to celebrate creativity and show the art works of talented designers.

First in the series is our client from colorful Vietnam – ARDA Co. Ltd. We’ve been working together for almost a year and loved every minute of it.

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Welcome the new 8th version of Woodwork for Inventor software

Here we go!  The new 8th version has been launched. And now it has a full scale of functionalities like Skeleton Dress Up, iBox components, Material assignment, Multiple Hardware placement, Automatic holes generator, BOM generator, Drawings generator, CNC preparation and Integration with Autodesk Vault software. In general, this is a tool that every professional woodworker must have.

WI working with designer

Woodwork for Inventor V8 launch. What’s new?

Woodwork for Inventor – how it started

The day of Woodwork for Inventor V8 launch finally came. It‘s the eighth version of our product, which was started as additional Autodesk Inventor functionality. This functionality was a request of one of our clients and meant to be one-company-solution. Later we noticed, that this solution can be valuable to other companies in furniture design business as well. Continue reading…

Woodwork for Inventor webinar in UK

April 24th, 2017 Woodwork for Inventor webinar in UK

Our team is very glad to share with you a perfect Woodwork for Inventor webinar (do follow link please) made by Graitec Ltd. (UK). Here you’ll get an insight into how Woodwork for Inventor (W4I) plug-in speed up the design process and automate key processes for your designs.  Continue reading…